Helping creative women build
inspirational brands

Hey there! I’m Haley.

I’m a Brooklyn-based designer specializing in branding and handlettered typography.

When I younger, scribbling in my American Girl calligraphy book ( I’d LOVE to see my lettering from back then) or coding a website for my high school’s Harry Potter fan club (shout out to my Dumbledore’s Army babes), the idea never occurred to me that I could build a business centered around the things I was most passionate about.

And now, my passion is helping others do just that.

In addition to my experience in design, my work as marketing manager of an online business school for entrepreneurs has allowed me to watch dream chasers make a difference in the world with their businesses, time and time again. It’s one of the most inspirational things to witness; it’s the stuff goosebumps and misty eyes are made of.

My mission is to help more creative businesses come to life and thrive, helping women create a ripple effect of inspiration and positive change in the world.

When I’m not working, I’m likely attempting beyond-complicated recipes in my kitchen while shooing my cats off the counter and singing along to old scratchy records. 

And if you stick around here long enough, you’ll learn that I believe a successful business lady takes care of her whole self, and that creativity flows best when we find joy in life’s everyday moments - or in other words - #gogrand.

You too? Let’s be friends.


If you're looking for the Grand Print Co. Stationery Store, I stopped printing in early 2017 so I could focus more on brand design. I take on a few stationery design projects yearly for businesses and individuals looking for just design and not physical printing.

If you're looking for my custom geofilter designs, you can find them here