Make the most of your next adventure with a travel itinerary (printables for all!)

This past Thanksgiving, I did something no New York lady should ever do. I’m not talking about taking off my heels in Chelsea at 4 a.m. or taking an Uber after the ball drops on New Year’s Eve... this was quite possibly worse. 

I hopped out of my cab at JFK airport and went to check my bag curbside (because let’s face it - it was Thanksgiving weekend and Terminal 5 resembled that scene in Love Actually where everyone is in love at Heathrow, except instead of people being in love, they were angry New Yorkers). I was so relieved after sitting in traffic for ages that I handed over my ID and was probably mid-”made it to the airport”-Snapchat before realizing the attendant said my flight couldn’t be found. 

Me: What do you mean my flight can’t be found?

Baggage Attendant: I don’t have you listed on this flight. Are you sure you’re not supposed to be at Laguardia Airport?

Me: Oh yes, I would know better than that. I’ve traveled to and from these airports my entire life and would never be so silly and careless as to mix them up.

Baggage Attendant: Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

(I check my phone.)

Me: No. I’m supposed to be at Laguardia. Any chance my real flight can stop here on the way to Miami and pick me up?

It was a mess. From that point on, I stopped relying on my chaotic email inbox for travel details. When I search in my inbox for “JetBlue” or “flight reservation,” it doesn’t really narrow things down much thanks to the sale alerts I receive daily. While technology makes life easier in a lot of ways (I do really like the travel app TripCase), I needed to find a simpler way to organize my travel details.

So, introducing the Travel Itinerary Printable! I’m headed to New Orleans soon and will be putting this to good use.

Traveling by plane, train or automobile? I’ve gotcha covered.

Click below to download.