Snow city: our first NYC blizzard

So, I totally hate the snow. Sweet mama nature has been so kind for so long this season, but ultimately, the I guess the day had to come. And as they say "when it rains it pours," when it snows for the first time all season in January, it's a stormy blizzard.

We hung out on the fire escape for a while because it seemed like the "New York" thing to do... And then we walked a few blocks and called it quits when the wind nearly knocked us over.

I also lost the lamest snowball fight ever.

New York City is amazing in that the next day, all 27 inches of snow were off the sidewalk and the hustle and bustle swiftly resumed. It was a million times better than 'burbs life where you can't drive a car for days and you're stuck at home going stir-crazy. Girl ain't got time for that.

Had the wind not been so bad, it would have been a kind of cute storm. Maybe next time.

Hope you're staying warm! xo