May wallpaper download


Creativity plays a huge role in my life. I feel most purposeful and fulfilled when I can take something that started as a thought in my head, spend time determining how to bring it to life and ultimately see it manifest.

It’s probably why I’m so addicted to upgrading my apartment with IKEA hacks.

But whether we are all “creative” people or not, I think we all find purpose in creating things. For you that may be creating a financial plan, creating opportunities for others, creating a family or creating a business that is a solution to someone’s needs.

If we’re not creating, what are we doing? Probably just going through the motions, meeting but not raising the status quo. 

This month, I’m challenging you to focus on what it is you’re creating every day. I would so love to hear what that is, so share in the comments below!

Hope you enjoy this month’s wallpaper. Click the image below to download over at the Mavenly + Co. website. :)