Introducing Fox & Marshall

So, I haven't been updating the blog in a while... However, I have a great excuse. And I come bearing cute kitten photos. 

After begging Michael to let us get kittens once a week for the past year, I finally got him to agree to fostering with the ASPCA. I went to kitten school last November (yes, this is a thing they make you do) but was informed that kitten season (yes, also a thing) wasn't until late spring, so I would have to wait a while to get a call that they had a kitten for us.

One day last month, I got an email that two baby kittens, brothers, were ready to be picked up and I basically ran to the 92nd Street Kitten Nursery to get them.

Michael has always "hated cats" and claimed to be "allergic," so fostering was a test run of sorts. Needless to say, he fell in love with them and wanted to keep them both. (Mission Kitten Procurement: Successful.)

So that's the short story on how we ended up with two kittens. We named them Fox Mulder and Marshall Erickson. Fox is really curious and kind of a weirdo and Marshall is the biggest cuddler in the world.

And I have officially become a crazy cat lady. It's pretty much impossible to hang out with me without them coming up in conversation or in pictures on my phone. So you're going to have to get used to seeing these lovely faces. :)

Marshall's face is dirty in all of these pictures because he's a sloppy eater. He also is shorter than his brother, but much more round, and always steals Fox's food. He has is priorities straight and fits right in.

They've gotten so much bigger since I took these photos a few weeks ago. The ones below are maybe two weeks later, and Marshmellow has basically doubled in size. Which makes sense based on his appetite.

I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of them soon!

If you're interested in fostering, I cannot recommend it enough. The ASPCA was incredible to work with. They cover all costs (even transportation) and you get a cuddly friend for a few weeks...or more! ;) 

You can click here to find your local ASPCA shelter.