August wallpaper download

I don’t know if it’s because I just turned 25 and am having a quarter life crisis, but the past few months I have been all about simplicity.

From scouring my apartment for things that don’t “bring me joy,” à la Marie Kondo, to selling all my clothes and implementing Caroline Joy Rector’s Capsule Wardrobe technique, I’ve been trying to control the clutter and maximize simplicity.

To me, it doesn’t come naturally. I love ornate, bold, obtrusive things. I recently had to compact 1000+ books down to a hundred-title bookshelf and consider it one of my greatest accomplishments of 2015. Moral of the story, simplicity is definitely a struggle for me.

But, honestly? It feels so good. Once you rid your life of the things you’re not head-over-heels in love with (whether that’s an old prom dress, a responsibility at work you’re not passionate about or a friend who has become more and more judgmental over the years), there is a huge surge of freedom in your life.

So, just something to keep in mind. Less things, more moments. Less clutter, more space. Less stress, more peace.

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Happy August!

xo Haley