How to know if it's time to rebrand

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With the new year right around the corner, everyone is goal-setting and strategizing for a new year in business. That makes this a perfect time to take inventory of your brand and website. Ask yourself this: is your brand serving you as best it could?

If you’re wondering if a rebrand is necessary, you likely fall into one of two camps:


“I am constantly inspired by something new. I just fell down a Pinterest rabbit hole and emerged with a new vision for my color scheme, stationery, logo and more!”

II. The status-quo defender

“I would rather spend a week at the DMV trying to change my name than explore the idea of updating my website, business cards, sales collateral and more.”

Whichever one you relate to, it’s important to put time and thought into a decision as big as a rebrand. Here are three things to consider that will help you know if it it’s time to rebrand.

Is it top notch?

Take a moment to assess how professional your branding looks. Are you proud to show off your website or hand out your business cards? Maybe you were on a tight budget when you opened up shop, and you took a DIY approach or asked a friend who knew Photoshop to throw something together for you. If you feel like you’ve outgrown your branding, or if your logo is not as drool-worthy or intentional as it could be, it is likely time for an upgrade. If you’re unsure - would you send Oprah a thank you note on your current branded stationery?

Can you show me the money?

In other words, are you getting the results you’d like to be getting? Are you driving traffic from your social pages to your website, then to your email list, then to your offers, and then converting sales? Your branding (and that’s everything from your core values to how memorable your logo is) sets the foundation for all of your marketing. If you’re not seeing the results you’d like to see, it’s time to figure out why and find a new strategy.

Got a case of growing pains?

Your business is evolving, which means your brand is too. Your brand identity or style guide is a living document that should be revisited yearly, at a minimum. If any of the following have changed or grown, you’re likely in the market for a new brand or website:

  • Your offerings (Are you launching new packages or products? Is a side-project turning into more of a full-time service? Are you ready to develop your personal brand?)

  • Your core values (Have your core values as a business shifted over time? This is one of the most common growing pains.)

  • Your audience (Are you serving a new marketplace or location? Is a new group of people interested in what you’re offering?)

If you’re wrapping this up and thinking you’ve got some serious work ahead of you, don’t feel overwhelmed! Investing in your brand and your website will get only help you get closer to your dream clients, make more money and make a difference with your work. The road ahead is an exciting one!

And if you’re still confused, I’m here to chat! Drop me a line and we can strategize if a rebrand is right for you.

xo Haley


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