Chai Tea Latte (dairy-free, sugar-free)

Chai Tea Latte Stevia Cashew Milk

On rainy days like today, nothing is more cozy than a chai latte. I’ve been completely obsessed since I discovered them at Borders (#tbt) in middle school, jumped for joy when I learned you could buy the mix in stores, and then was v sad when I realized how much sugar and unnecessary preservatives are in those store-bought mixes.

When I made this homemade 3-ingredient, sugar and dairy free chai, my love affair was back on.

I brew chai tea (Celestial Mountain Chai is my current fave and has a hint of coffee in it) and add a splash of cashew milk and a few liquid stevia drops as sweetener. I love this more than any other chai latte I’ve had - and I’ve had a LOT.

I get nerd-level excited when I happen to recreate clean recipes of my favorite things, so I’m sharing! Hope someone out there is as obsessed with these as me. 🤓 💕