Girl Scout Cookie Caramel Delite/Samoa Bar Recipe - Paleo and Gluten-Free


Do you remember that awful romcom Serendipity? I am Kate Beckinsale and these Girl Scout Cookie Caramel Delite/Samoa bars are my John Cusack. This recipe happened by chance but these cookies and I were destined to meet.

I’m typically not a fan of trying to de-gluten gluten-full foods by using a bunch of weird ingredients (it usually means a lot of added sugar to make up for bland or bitter flours), but recipe this is one instance of PURE MAGIC.

I have to preface this recipe by saying unless you have a lot of health foods in your pantry, this is not the most accessible thing to make. But if you’re in the mood to try something new, it is more than worth the pain of buying new things. I also use all of these ingredients regularly, so it’s not like the time you spent $25 on edible glitter for cupcakes you used once. (No? Just me?)

However, not buying new things is how I discovered these in the first place. I was on a mission to make Rachel Mansfield’s twix bars, but I wanted to keep it paleo and use almond butter and date syrup instead of peanut butter and honey, respectively. I’m also very lazy at following directions and typically do not measure it’s taken me a few tries to nail this down as I did it the first time so I could share it with you.

It’s also ridiculous how healthy these are - a serving of 1.25 of these has around the same nutritional value as an RX bar. For a cookie, I’m not complaining.

I keep these paleo Girl Scout Cookies in my freezer and try to make them last as long as humanly possible...which is usually not long!


Yields 16 bars

Shortbread cookie layer

1 ⅔ cup almond flour
⅓ cup cassava flour
3 TB liquid coconut oil
1 TB date syrup
1 t vanilla extract
½ t cinnamon
1 TB water

Caramel layer

½ cup creamy almond butter
1 TB liquid coconut oil
3 TB cassava flour
⅓ cup date syrup
1 t vanilla extract
Pinch of salt

Dark chocolate layer

½ cup cacao powder (not cocoa powder)
4 TB coconut oil
2 TB coconut butter (you can change ratio of oil to butter to change thickness of this chocolate sauce)
¼ cup date syrup
1 t vanilla extract


Toasted coconut flakes
Leftover dark chocolate sauce


Combine all ingredients for shortbread layer.

Press shortbread layer into an 8-inch pan over parchment paper and put in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 mins. (Try to press it down evenly across the pan. Sometimes I find it cracks a little if I bake it too long, but don't worry if a small crack happens - the other layers and freezing will hold it together.)

Cool. Combine all ingredients for caramel layer. Spread caramel layer and freeze until solid.

Lightly toast coconut flakes on the stove, stirring frequently on low heat until golden brown.

Warm dark chocolate sauce on the stove and spread across the cookie pan. Leave some to the side to drizzle later.

While the chocolate is still melted, sprinkle with toasted coconut flakes. Freeze for a few minutes until firm, and then drizzle the remaining chocolate (or date syrup instead) over the coconut flakes.

Freeze for a few hours, and then cut into 1-inch bars.