May wallpaper download

When I saw Mavenly ‘gram this quote, I immediately clicked the ever so useful “bookmark” button because I knew it was one I didn’t want to forget.

For me, this quote is all about excuses and how we can eliminate them. I’m so guilty of having days where I fall into a bout of non-productivity and say, “It’s okay - it’s just one of those days.”

The reality is that “those days” are also measured against the ideal of my “perfect day” and essentially make up what is my overall lifestyle. I can tell myself that I want to live a healthy, fit, balanced life and that my ideal day starts with a yoga class, but if I never actually go to yoga on a regular basis… I’m likely the only thing getting in the way of that lifestyle. 

(Yes. Living in yoga pants may be the first step, but SADLY it is not enough.)

I like this quote from Annie Dillard because she takes something so familiar and routine, daily life, and challenges us to look at it on a much bigger level.

I hope you enjoy!

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xo Haley