Brand Design: Freedom Loving Wealth Mavens


Caitlin Doemner has cracked the multi-level marketing code. After building and managing sales teams for 7 years, she discovered that in a sales process, there are two equally important, but vastly different skill sets required: closing and nurturing. It’s rare to be both, so she is bringing women together to embrace their strengths build a MLM system that actually works.

At Freedom Loving Wealth Mavens, women are either closing the sale (the Ruby role) or are nurturing clients (the Pearl role) - each is represented by the marks we developed for her branding.

Caitlin is the queen of sales (she’s Oxford-educated and has closed $9 million in sales over the past 7 years) so the branding for her latest venture needed to reflect her smarts as well as her shine.

Brand values:

Luxury, Freedom, Femininity, Intelligence, Boldness

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