December wallpaper download

So…let’s get real. It’s beginning to get cold. Whether you’re in NYC like me or in sunny California, the temperature is becoming less and less balmy every day. I’ve been joking with my boyfriend about how I wish it would snow (and I hate snow) because it just doesn’t seem fair for it to be this cold without snow. 

And speaking of cold, the holiday season has a reputation for being filled with warmth and love—as it should be—but if we’re being honest, it can be super stressful as well. I would love to say that we all exist in the holiday season of Love Actually. But you know what? Sometimes people in the arrivals area of Heathrow airport are actually mean and grumpy. It’s the truth, Richard Curtis. Don’t try to tell me otherwise*.

Just keep in mind that we need little more kindness than usual this time of year. And a little kindness goes a long way.

I hope this serves as a lovely reminder to you to spread a little kindness in all you do.

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xx Haley

* Okay, I lied. Please continue to tell me otherwise. I love this movie and it makes me cry all the tears.