Free Download: Low-Effort Guide to Embracing Healthy Eating

Just added this new download to my site, for all my food’s a mini illustrated cookbook! Check it out here. :)

I’ve struggled with my relationship with food for basically my entire life, and it wasn’t until the past couple of years that I realized I was making things WAY more stressful than they needed to be.

Eating healthy (and that’s nutritionally AND emotionally healthy) can start with making really simple habit shifts. Which, yes, is always easier said than I’m explaining exactly how it worked for me.

SPOILER ALERT: it wasn’t by spending a million dollars on fancy food items or suffering through juice cleanses.


This book contains my 5 favorite kitchen staples (the things I always have in my fridge that serve as a foundation for many meals), recipes for making them (with some variations), my grocery shopping list, and a grocery shopping template for you to use.

I’m obviously far from a nutritionist; these are just the simple habits I’ve incorporated into my life that have made food easier and more enjoyable than I wanted to share them with you too! 💕

Download for free here. Let me know what you think!