March wallpaper download

Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my all-time favorite mavens, and it was so hard to pick just one of her quotes to use for this month’s wallpaper. But this one stuck out to me, because I definitely struggle with perfection paralysis from time to time…

Like when I’m ready to post a carefully crafted picture to Instagram and realize that there’s a mistake or something looks slightly off…and I end up just not posting it. Or when I take down my website because I’m updating my portfolio, and I don’t make it live until everything is exactly how I’d like it.

I literally had a therapist once point out to me that I simply use the word “perfect” too often… Like, “Can you meet at 10?” “Yes, that works.” “Perfect!”

Guilty as charged. Any of this sound familiar?

I love this story that I heard on a podcast once (and I think, weirdly enough, it was Elizabeth Gilbert who told it - warning that I don’t remember the details and could be getting this all wrong) about a culture where artisans intentionally added at least one small mistake to their work, so that nothing was ever “perfect.” I love this idea and it has been a saving grace to me. If imperfection is the new perfect, sign me up.

I know it’s better to create something imperfect than to create nothing at all. No journey is ever perfect, and I’d say that most are very messy. And that’s what makes it fun, right?

Here’s to you creating a glorious mess!

Click the image below to download this month's Elizabeth Gilbert quote wallpaper over on the Mavenly + Co site.

xo Haley