How to get started with IGTV (and what to post)

I have a question for you… 

When was the last time you opened up Instagram? An hour ago? Ten minutes? Ten seconds?

Here’s the thing–we’re all hooked on the ‘gram. 

I’m personally on Instagram pretty often (probably more often than I should be!) and like most people, I get caught up in the scroll, the habit of rotating through little square images and swiping through Instagram stories. 

Now, follow up question… 

When was the last time you posted on Instagram yourself?

Sure, most of us engage on the app on a daily basis as a follower, but it’s so easy as a business owner to be behind the game on posting content ourselves. Maybe posting to your feed hasn’t been helping you get the results you’re looking for–but have you tried IGTV?

What is IGTV?

IGTV is essentially Instagram’s version of YouTube. Unlike with Stories, there’s no need to click through slides as IGTV is shared as one full-length video. This content will live on your profile through your IGTV channel (and you can publish on your newsfeed and share on your Stories as well).

So, what goes on IGTV and what goes on Stories? If you have content that you want to upload to your Instagram Stories that will be over 10 slides long, consider converting this content into an IGTV video. Most users skip over stories that have too much content to flip through. This is especially great for videos with sound or talking, as a viewer may close out of a loud Story if they’re in a sound-off environment, but can always revisit an IGTV video to watch and listen when the time is right.

Bingewatching isn’t just for Netflix

Instagram accounts are becoming more and more like online resumes or portfolios for business owners, and by displaying content on your profile through IGTV or your Instagram story highlights, potential customers can take a deep dive into your material to and get to know your brand. This space can help you let people into the personal side of your personal business as well. 

What to post to IGTV

Here are some content ideas to jumpstart your IGTV content:

  • Workspace or office tour

  • Have followers take a look at your website with you and help them navigate through the site

  • Reveal new products that will be available for purchase soon

  • Display your latest project and share a bit about the client process

  • Share your favorite applications or tools you use for your business

  • Update everyone on your availability and client calendar (this could also encourage people to sign up quickly if your calendar is filling up!)

Set aside some time this week to think up some IGTV ideas that would work for your business! Maybe consider keeping a note on your phone or desktop with a running list. Make sure to record content often–the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll get in front of the camera. 

Let me know in the comments below what your first IGTV video will be about and where I can check it out. Would love to see you in action!


Do you know your brand needs improvement, but you’re not sure where to start?