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Spoiler alert: this advice is easy to follow. (Or so you would think…raise your hand if it’s harder for you to let go and delegate than to just do everything yourself. You’re not alone.)

I was listening to a recent episode of Women, Work + Worth and loved this quote from the brilliant Mavenly+Co founders. Listen here if you haven’t already.

If your to do list is a whole Moleskine notebook long, it might be time to consider not doing some of those things.

Is there anyone in your life who could do some of these things better than you? Anyone in the world? Anyone you can find on Fiverr or Upwork?

When the work you’re doing is the work you’re most passionate about (and most brilliant at), you not only get so much more done, but you get it done better than you would if you’re juggling too much or trying to wrap your head around something that doesn’t come naturally to you.

I think we all know this deep down, but sometimes it’s a hard concept to put into action.

Let go of control, pop this baby on your desktop, and embrace the beauty of this simple reminder.

xo Haley


Click the image below to download over at Mavenly+Co:


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