September, as a brand

September has arrived!

My year began with a season of intense hustle, followed by a season of winding down, unplugging more and popping my butt in every available beach chair I could find.

This lil' old blog didn't quite get the attention it deserved earlier this year, but I'm ready to embrace the September spirit of turning a new leaf to start sharing again on a more regular basis.

I'm scheduling time in my calendar to work on creative projects outside of my client work. You'll be getting a glimpse of that here, as I'll be posting a branded vision for each month ahead!

A brand identity is so much more than a logo design - it's the feelings you have in response to an intentionally designed aesthetic, presence and system of values.

Here is September, as a brand.



Meno Banner Condensed, Aaux Next Bold

Sounds Like

The album Tapestry by Carole King

Smells Like

Freshly sharpened pencils

Feels Like

A crisp, cool breeze and reaching for a sweater


Do you know your brand needs improvement, but you’re not sure where to start?