Three time-saving tools you’re missing in Adobe Creative Cloud

With any client project, time is of the essence–especially if you have a full project calendar in the mix. Over the years, I have found some great apps that have saved me time (+ money) when it comes to providing my services and a top-notch client experience. 

For some time, I didn’t realize that all of these services were already included with my Adobe CC membership! I’m sharing these in case you, too, haven't been taking full advantage of what Adobe Creative Cloud has to offer.

These top three tools are a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud membership. An Adobe Creative Cloud account itself is worth its weight in gold, but these three apps are some of the best for sure. 

Side note/another golden tip: if you have an email address that ends in .edu, you qualify for a huge discount on the full creative suite membership.

I. Adobe Libraries

Think of Adobe Libraries like project folders on Dropbox or Google Drive, only better. Libraries allows you to create collections of files and style settings for different clients or projects. These can include graphics, character styles, paragraph styles, color swatches and more. Libraries are a great way to share and collaborate with others as well, as you can adjust permissions and the Library lives on the cloud. 

I use Adobe Libraries to share files and style parameters with branding clients as part of their brand identity guide, or to simply organize everything in one place while I’m designing collateral or branded material for a project. 

One of my favorite things about Adobe Libraries is that it shares these files and settings across all apps and devices. My workflow usually includes a combination of my desktop iMac, laptop and iPad, and Libraries help me seamlessly transition my work from one device to another.

II. Adobe Sign

Thanks to this app, you can easily send and receive signatures from clients for contracts. Signatures are verified so you know your business is legally protected. 

For a while there, I didn’t even realize this was a feature of my Creative Cloud membership and was spending money on a completely different software for my contacts. Not only has this saved me money, it has simplified my client processes as well! 

III. Adobe Color

As a designer, I work a lot with palettes, hex codes, color matching–you name it. Adobe Color can capture color combinations from photos that you can immediately start using on your project. It’s perfect whenever I see a photo that I’d love to base a color palette around. 

Even if you’re not pulling color from an image, it’s a great tool for crafting a color palette. Adobe Color makes it easy to view swatches side by side, allowing you to see the balance of a combined color palette and adjust as you see fit.

Plus, you can add your colors to a project Library for access across all programs and devices, or you can download them as swatch files. 

I especially love using this tool while designing a website–it’s much easier to shift between tabs and copy colors to my clipboard than to open Photoshop or Illustrator and grab color codes there.

Do you have a favorite Creative Cloud app? I want to know in the comments!

If you are a designer or a creative business owner who works with Adobe Creative Cloud, get these apps in your workflow ASAP! They will seriously help you streamline your projects and processes.


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