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It sounds like you hit the sweet spot and you’re comfortable with your brand. Now it’s time to evaluate if that comfort is serving you, or if there is perhaps room for growth in some areas of your business and branding.

Let's talk priorities for your current stage of business...

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The Maven to-do list:

I. Do a values check-in

One thing I stand for is creating a values-based brand. What does that mean exactly? Determining brand values can help you identify what makes you unique in the marketplace and how to position your offerings. Those who share the values you talk about and exhibit with your work will be drawn to you over others. Your values drive your story, your story inspires connection, and connections fuel your growth. If you’ve already identified your core values as a business, are they still relevant? Our values can shift as our business evolves, so it’s worth doing a yearly check-in. You should have your values visible every single day - maybe on a Post-it note, desktop wallpaper or bulletin board - so they’re top of mind and always guiding your work.

II. Prepare to Pitch

When was the last time you pitched your offerings, either to someone you know or to someone you consider beyond your reach? Grab a piece of paper and make two lists: 1) people you’ve chatted with in the past but haven’t followed up with in a while; 2) people whose work you absolutely love, who you would be delighted to work with. What can you offer each of these people? Maybe it’s your free offer, maybe it’s advice, or maybe it’s just genuine praise. Whether you’re following up or making an introduction for the first time, start the conversation by providing them with something of value rather than asking for something in return. Foster a generous personal relationship, so when you eventually pitch your services, they will already know, like and trust you.

III. Grow Your Network

We all know it’s valuable, but sometimes networking lands at the bottom of our to-do lists. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a world of social media connections and forget the significance of face-to-face relationships. Set aside the time for at least one networking event each month. (Look for events by Tuesdays Together and Six Degrees Society in your area - they’re two great places to start.) Don’t forget your snazzy business cards! If you don’t have some already, invest in a strategic business card with a memorable design and a strong call to action.

IV. Increase Your Rates

Let’s be real - are you charging what you’re worth? Chances are, you wish you were making more but you’re facing resistance around raising your rates or pricing. Evaluate the following: 1) What makes you credible? This can be education, online trainings, or results from previous clients or customers; 2) How can you add more value to your offerings to justify a higher price point, with little added work on your end? In the end your customers want to work with you for YOU, how you’ve positioned your brand and the story and values you communicate. As long as you’re doing that well, raising your rates is not as daunting as it may seem.

V. Focus on the 80/20

The Pareto Principle, or “80/20 Rule” as it is commonly called today, is a game-changing way to put your time, energy and results in perspective. It goes like this: 20% of your business activities produce 80% of your profits. This 20% is the work you are most brilliant at, the work that has proven time and time again to move your business forward. (It’s kind of your superpower.) What would happen if you focused more time and effort on this superpower and less on the tasks you’re less-than-fabulous at? Delegate anything that may be someone else’s superpower, but is truly not your own. (Some examples are bookkeeping, photography, website design/updates, or even house cleaning.) If you’re nervous about the investment of outsourcing or hiring someone new, think again about the results - how many clients or sales can you secure in the time you’re getting back, and how many make up for the investment? This is how the smartest minds in business run things, and now, that’s you too.

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