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The Serious Business Lady

You, my dear, mean business.

Not only are you doing awesome work with your clients and customers, but you’re also the resident CEO.

You have a rockstar brand image, but you’re not getting the results you’d like to see from your website. You need a website that works for you, not against you, helps you close sales, and showcases the beautiful brand you’ve created. You need to know what to prioritize (hello, never-ending to-do list!) in order to grow your business through your website.

Let's talk priorities for your current stage of business...

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The S.B.L. to-do list:

I. Revisit your Style Guide

Your style guide is a living document and can change through the evolution of your brand. Before jumping into a new website design, start by reviewing your style guide and making sure it still resonates with your values as a company. Your style guide should include your brand fonts, colors, logo and additional marks, patterns or textures, mission statement and company values. This will set the stage for your website and marketing materials and reinforce the heart and soul of your business throughout all the work you do.

II. Get Crystal Clear on Your Ideal Client

Not only does this help craft your messaging and brand voice, but it allows you to focus on the right audience and let others go when they don’t match your dream client profile. My favorite way to do this is to create “avatars” or “muses” (these are fancy words for imaginary clients) that fit the description of who I’m looking to work with. Spoiler alert: this quiz was created by doing exactly that. Devote some time to knowing the ins and outs of the type of person you want to work with - everything from their habits, to their aspirations, to their favorite part of their day. The more specific you get, the better you will understand them. It can be helpful to think about your favorite clients and the qualities they possess. You may have several profiles depending on your business or offerings.

III. Improve Your Social Proof

Take a look at your client reviews and testimonials. Are they results-focused? If you haven’t reached out to your past clients for reviews, what’s getting in the way? Take inventory and draft a quick email to those you’ve worked with. See if they can talk about tangible growth or results from their experience with you or your offerings. We all love a good “before and after” transformation! If they can state where they were before working with you, followed by where they are now, you’re adding excellent social proof to your site. Make a list of three people you can reach out to today and get to it!

IV. Create a Free Offer that Generates Leads

Your website should have a strong call to action above the fold (this newspaper term applies to the area visible on your site before the user starts to scroll). One of the best ways to begin a relationship is with generosity. Brainstorm what it is that your dream clients are looking for and how you can serve them at first glance. Most people are nervous to give too much away, but this is your chance to woo them and keep them tuned in. By having them opt-in for your free offer with their email address, you can impress them with your content and follow up for a second date later. And remember - if this is your primary call to action on your site, make it visible right when they arrive.

V. Focus on the 80/20

The Pareto Principle, or “80/20 Rule” as it is commonly called today, is a game-changing way to put your time, energy and results in perspective. It goes like this: 20% of your business activities produce 80% of your profits. This 20% is the work you are most brilliant at, the work that has proven time and time again to move your business forward. (It’s kind of your superpower.) What would happen if you focused more time and effort on this superpower and less on the tasks you’re less-than-fabulous at? Delegate anything that may be someone else’s superpower, but is truly not your own. (Some examples are bookkeeping, photography, website design/updates, or even house cleaning.) If you’re nervous about the investment of outsourcing or hiring someone new, think again about the results - how many clients or sales can you secure in the time you’re getting back, and how many make up for the investment? This is how the smartest minds in business run things, and now, that’s you too.


There’s no greater feeling than checking off a to-do list, right?

You don’t have to do it all on your own.

I’ve developed a web design process that attracts your dream clients, reaches more people with your message, establishes your credibility, and helps you make more money - ultimately allowing you to grow your business and make a bigger difference in the world. I’d love to help bring your vision to life.

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