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You’re focused on the next-level you.

(You know, the one with the fancy new business cards.)

Have you ever gotten lost in this daydream?

You’re finally at a place where you’re strategic about brand and marketing decisions because you’re clear on your core values and style. You get stuck in people’s heads because they see your stunning visuals everywhere. Your website is professional and showcases your credibility and worth. It does the work to close the sale, so that people who reach out have already committed.

You have a vision - now it’s time to bring her to life.

Let’s talk priorities for your current stage of business…

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The Visionary to-do list:

I. Create a Mood Board

Let’s start by setting the stage for your brand with your mood board. Your mood board will incorporate your values as a company as well as your aesthetic vision. You can create this online (I love using Pinterest for a quick mood board) or in real life, if you prefer using textures and working with your hands. You do you, my dear! Go to an environment where you can let your creativity flow, and make sure your mood board reflects your company’s values and styles, not your personal ones.

II. Determine Your Mission Statement

Next, you need to clarify your mission statement. Your mission statement will help guide strategic business decisions in the future, but it will also help you craft your brand voice. Your mission is often much more than your product or service - it’s why you do what you do and why your dream clients choose you over others. If you’re stuck, think of who you want to serve and why they choose you. If you’re a restaurant, are you offering food, or are you offering a space for family gatherings and cherished moments? This is all part of the brand story you will incorporate in your messaging.

III. Determine Your Core Values

One thing I stand for is creating a values-based brand. What does that mean exactly? Determining brand values can help you identify what makes you unique in the marketplace and how to position your offerings. Those who share the values you talk about and exhibit with your work will be drawn to you over others. Your values drive your story, your story inspires connection, and connections fuel your growth. By getting clear on your core values, you’re building a brand with intention. You should have your values visible every single day - maybe on a Post-it note, desktop wallpaper or bulletin board - so they’re top of mind and always guiding your work.

IV. Create a Style Guide

It’s time to combine all of your brand identity elements into one fab document that you can reference for strategic decision-making, collaborations or new projects. Your style guide should include your brand fonts, colors, logo and additional marks, patterns or textures, mission statement and company values. This will set the stage for your website and marketing materials and reinforce the heart and soul of your business throughout all the work you do.

V. Get Crystal Clear on Your Ideal Client

Not only does this help craft your messaging and brand voice, but it allows you to focus on the right audience and let others go when they don’t match your dream client profile. My favorite way to do this is to create “avatars” or “muses” (these are fancy words for imaginary clients) that fit the description of who I’m looking to work with. Spoiler alert: this quiz was created by doing exactly that. Devote some time to knowing the ins and outs of the type of person you want to work with - everything from their habits, to their aspirations, to their favorite part of their day. The more specific you get, the better you will understand them. It can be helpful to think about your favorite clients and the qualities they possess. You may have several profiles depending on your business or offerings.


There’s no greater feeling than checking off a to-do list, right?

You don’t have to do it all on your own.

I’ve developed a branding process that attracts your dream clients, reaches more people with your message, establishes your credibility, and helps you make more money - ultimately allowing you to grow your business and make a bigger difference in the world. I’d love to help bring your vision to life.

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I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m Haley. I’m a designer, marketer and hand-lettered typography artist.

I help creative women inspire and attract their dream clients by designing beautiful and intentional brands.

I also believe that creativity flows best when we find joy in life’s everyday moments, or in other words, #gogrand.

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